History Woven Pandan

History Woven Pandan

History Woven Pandan, sub Rajapolah began around 1915, at which time many of the locals made mat. Mat made by residents called mat aria, which consists of two layers that feels soft when occupied. The top layer is more tender (usually called subtlety) of the bottom layer (called kasaran). The dyes used at the time was the material taken from the wild, so it is very limited range of colors. The colors used at that time, among others, red, brown, blood red, and yellow.

history-woven-pandanIn 1920 appeared the manufacture hoods pioneered by Haji Sidik, Cibereko villagers. In its development, the craft business is getting help from regents Tasikmalaya, among other woven crafts enroll Rajapolah Jaareurs event, or commonly disebutsebagai exhibition fairs. Exhibitions are usually held in Jaareurs big cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung. Through this Jaareurs woven crafts Rajapolah known outside of the region and even abroad, and been exported to the Netherlands.

In 1925, some French people mendidrikan an entity named Olivier. This business entity to purchase a hood in bulk the price is quite high compared to the normal selling price. Because it is so many people become artisans. But Olivier later dispersed without apparent reason unknown followed by the return of the French people to their country. It affects the lives of the craftsmen, because there is no longer a large container. Craft business is still run by the traders in the town collecting craft items for sale outside the region. Furthermore, the business began to decline in production due to the absence of the market, resulting in many artisans began to leave their business and move on to migrate to other regions.

In 1962, a craftsman named Di’mat Sastrawiria try to make other items with a variety of uses including, bags, purses, fans, pencil, and others. Since then woven handicraft businesses start life again and now it has. The tradition of weaving developed by one generation to the next generation to a few artisans managed to expand its business in the field of marketing and establishing a business entity itself. any successful business entity is a family owned company Ir.H.Yayang Waryan. He inherited his grandfather’s efforts to successfully become a manufacturer that produces products based on customer orders to markets outside the region, such as Jakarta and Bali. Some of the products he even ordered specially and marketed abroad by foreign traders.

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